IP Institute Quarterly Report

Intended to be read by the IP Institute Board and Council Members only, the Quarterly Report provides an overview of the Institute’s work over the past quarter of the year, highlighting the outcome of completed research projects, events and publications. But it also includes a detailed analysis of feedback from our subscribers and website users which serves as a basis for evaluation of the Institute’s overall performance.

Depending on the results of the feedback, the Quarterly Report either recommends minor improvements or an extensive revision of our work over the past three months. In the latter case, the Institute’s efforts are focused on analysing previous work and services in order to identify any problems and make improvements where needed. This, however, doesn’t mean that the scheduled projects are postponed or cancelled. On the contrary, all research projects and events proceed as planned but we don’t schedule any new projects until completing the revision and making the necessary improvements.

In comparison to the Annual Report, the Quarterly Report offers a more comprehensive overview of the completed and on-going research projects, providing a detailed report about the methods used, progress, early findings/indications, problems encountered, etc. with an aim to enable Board and Council Members to be fully updated with the Institute’s activities. Likewise, the Quarterly Report includes an extensive overview of the events that took place in the past three months, offering an insight into the overall success which is largely based on feedback from the event participants. Things such as venue, expenses, etc. are reported as well.

Just like the Annual Report, the Quarterly Report also analyses the Institute’s services to intellectual property owners. This analysis includes an overview of the services provided by the Institute to help intellectual property owners understand their rights, protect them from being unlawfully used or stolen and maximise commercial, economic and financial benefits from their rights. Also included is feedback from subscribers to help Board and Council Members evaluate the quality of the Institute’s services, identify services in need of improvement and develop recommendations for improvement. Based on experience from the past, the results of services-related feedback have the greatest influence on the overall results. Therefore, this section of the Quarterly Report is devoted a lot of time and attention to every detail.