About the IP Institute - Who We Are

The IP Institute is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping intellectual property owners protect their rights and provide relevant, up-to-date and reliable information about a number of issues related to intellectual property. Visitors of our website can freely access information about most types of intellectual property protection including copyright, patents, trade marks, designs, etc. which is either acquired automatically or needs to be applied for.

In addition to making information about intellectual property and its protection available through our website, the IP Institute also regularly holds events for intellectual property owners providing additional information about a variety of issues. The focus, however, is always on intellectual property. The majority of events are also open to the general public.

Out activities and services to intellectual property owners also include providing advice, support and guidance as well as answering questions and concerns that can be forwarded to us through our website. At the end of each year we publish an Annual Report in which we present an overview of our work over the year and outline our plans for the future including the schedule of forthcoming events and research projects. These are conducted on a regular basis and mostly deal with issues of unauthorised use and distribution of a work that is either automatically protected or registered as intellectual property.

Results of our research projects are available through our website free of charge. More detailed information and expert opinion about our findings, however, are presented in publications issued not only by the IP Institute but also by other organisations and associations with a focus on intellectual property and related issues.

Our Board Members

The policy and activities of the IP Institute are directed and overseen by our Board Members who are highly knowledgeable individuals with years of experience in intellectual property law and related issues. They are aided by Council Members who approve the suggested activities and projects but they also provide advice and make suggestions to the Board Members. All members of the Board and Council are elected.